The Reform-line Pattern

There is a most wonderful pattern to which the most significant histories described in Holy Writ all conform.

This pattern, called a Reform-line, is as follows:

Reform-line Pattern.7

It is a timeline. The colored areas P1-P4 are specific periods in the timeline. The vertical marks E1-E3 represent important events in the history it delineates. Any history conforming to this pattern is called a Reform-line.

Here are the characteristics of each element in the Reform-line.

Period 1: A period in which God’s judgment is especially noted.

Event 1: An event occurs in which the Lord comes making a powerful presentation of His testing message of judgment and salvation.

Period 2: A period in which God’s people are to progressively learn and accept His testing message.

Event 2: An event occurs in which the Lord gives a literal demonstration (a sign) of His message.

Period 3: During this period, those who have learned and fully believed God’s message give special expression of their faith and obey.

Event 3: The Lord closes probation as the testing process is over and the reformatory movement is finished.

Period 4: A period in which God’s judgment is especially noted.

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