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A third grade education is not enough to prepare one for a lifetime of work as a highly skilled author and speaker, but that is all the formal education obtained by the most prolific female author of American history. The consistent quality of Ellen G. White’s work and the success and extent of her ministry shows that a supernatural spirit inspired, guided, and blessed her. The Bible gives that there are only two spirits by which one can be inspired: “the spirit of the world” and “the spirit which is of God.” 1 Corinthians 2:12. Having examined the fruits (writings and life history) of her obvious and unusual inspiration, I am constrained to admit that she was inspired by the Spirit of God. Thus, I see the following quote to be an expression of nothing less than the testimony of Jesus which is the Spirit of prophecy. The quote is very special to me. One reason is that it explains much of what is on this site.

“The work of God in the earth presents, from age to age, a striking similarity in every great reformation or religious movement. The principles of God’s dealing with men are ever the same. The important movements of the present have their parallel in those of the past, and the experience of the church in former ages has lessons of great value for our own time.” The Great Controversy, 343.

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